herbal vapors makes its home in eugene, oregon

Herbal Vapors is a forward thinking herbal e-cigarette company located in Eugene Oregon. We focus on handmade, exotic, and unique herbal flavors.

We use only the finest organic herbs and organic glycerin in all of our in-house products. We use the finest ingredients for our handmade flavors, like Jonny Walker Platinum and other fine liquors.

As a forward thinking company we use GMP (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Good_manufacturing_practice) even though there is no requirement that we do so. Your safety and the quality and purity of our products is paramount.

Unfortunately all of our “house flavors” are based on the same food grade flavorings used by many other vendors. Most of these have PG (propylene glycol) which is an additive we prefer not to use. We do allow you to choose PG as a “top-off” (meaning after your flavors, herbs, nicotine, etc., what do we use to top off) but we strongly recommend VG instead. All of our herbs and handmade flavors have no PG.

We’re here to serve you, please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve your premium vape experience

The Herbal Dude,

Ravi Brounstein


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