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No vape device is complete without vape coils. Vape Coils are the part of the vape device that connects the battery and the vaping liquid so it can be heated properly, transformed from liquid to vapor, and inhaled by the vaper. Since the liquid is transformed into a vapor by the coil, this is where the vape device gets its name. Coils must be changed periodically to give the best experience. Different coils need to be changed after a different amoutn of time, depending on the type of coil being used. There are three main types of vape coils: coil heads; RDAs; and RTAs. The right coil often depends on the experience of the vaper and what is wanted out of the vaping experience.


RDAs (Rebuildable Drip Atomizers) are used with custom-built coils. These atomizers are great for switching flavors of vaping liquids and are effective to get an intense flavor experience during vaping. Drippers require that the user re-drips every few puffs during vaping. One of the advantages of these atomizers is that you can re-wick and clean them yourself. That way, if you change vaping liquids for a new flavor, you can get rid of any lingering vaping liquid from previously-used liquids. That can give you a purer experience. It should be noted that these atomizers are best for experienced vapers. If they are not built correctly, they can be dangerous.


RTAs (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers) are similar to RDAs. The main difference is that RTAs use a tank system that allows the user to hold more vaping liquid. The tank makes the vaping experience more convenient. Another type of RTA is the RTDA (Rebuildable Tank Drip Atomizer) which adds the tank to the RDA. RTAs may be easier for users to build themselves, especially if it is not a drip atomizer. However, if RTAs are not properly wicked, users may experience problems with leaking or get some dry hits from their vape device.

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