Vape Mods & Batteries

We only offer the absolute best vape mods.

Our batteries are calibrated for vaping perfection.

Mods are complex versions of vape devices that are custom tailored for each individual vaping preference.

Vape mods are typically used by experienced users to accomodate their specific vaping style.

Battery life modifications can extend the life of your vape. This can be especially important while traveling or when you can’t easily recharge your batteries.

Heating element modifications can be added to make vaping certain substances more efficient. It adds a lot of intensity and flavor concentration for each hit.

Tank size modifications allow for more or less vape juice at once. Those who like to enjoy a variety of flavors and like to change out their juice often need a smaller tank size. But we all know that one guy that has his ADV and isn’t ever going to change it. He could use a larget tank.

Not all batteries are created equal. Please be sure that the wattage you choose matches the vape device you’re using and lasts as long as you will need it.

Best practice is to have one battery charging while you vape so you can easily switch them out and not have to wait around to enjoy your vapor.

Vape batteries power your device by heating the coil. This vaporizes the e liquid and lets you enjoy a cloud of flavor. Know whether you use a manual or automatic batteries.

Manual batteries require you to push a button to activate your device.
Automatic batteries activate as soon as you inhale.

Make sure the batteries you purchase are compatible with the device you are using. Just because a battery can fit into the device doesn’t mean that it provides the proper power required.

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