Starter Kits

Vape starter kits are an all-in-one kit that gives the vaper everything needed to start vaping. The primary parts of the kit are the atomizer and the battery. Starter kits are good for people who are new to vaping or who do not have an interest in making changes to their vape devices themselves.

Just like there are many types of coils and batteries and mods available for vaping, there are different types of starter kits, as well. The four main types of starter kits are: Cig-a-Likes (e-cigarettes); Vape Pens; Mods (Box Mods); and Pod Mods.


As suggested by the name, cig-a-likes are the devices that are closest in shape and size to a real cigarette. They are usually small and have a light on the end to mimic the look of a real cigarette. These were the types of products initially available for vaping, but technology had advanced to include many other options now.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are effective for people trying to reduce the level of nicotine used, those who want more intense flavors, or those who want better cloud production. Vape pens are user-friendly and can also be good for people transitioning from real cigarettes to vaping. Vape pens are frequently designed for the aesthetic of the product. They often look similar to a nice pen and can be coordinated to users’ fashion and style sensibilities, if desired.

Box Mods

Box mods are all-in-one devices. They get their name from their shape, which is a box. The two types of box mods are either regulated or unregulated. Regulated box mods include electronic components and unregulated box mods do not. Box mods either have internal batteries or include space for an external battery. When considering a box mod, users should note that most include a drip atomizer, which is typically used by vapers with more experience. In addition, the shape may take getting used to for those who are accustomed to something closer to a real cigarette shape.

Pod Mods

Pod mods are often highly-recommended for people switching from real cigarettes to vaping because they are the closest product closest to smoking a real cigarette. Pod mods use nicotine salts, which have a higher amount of nicotine. This makes the transition from real cigarettes to vaping easier, especially for people who have a history of heavy smoking. The two types of pod mods are closed and open. Closed pods are disposable products pre-filled with vaping liquid. Open pods are manually refilled. They also require that the user purchases nicotine salt e-liquid.

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